in the Stelvio National

With a huge range of adventurous activities and excursions available you will be spoilt for choice. Let the hosts help you in the choice of excursion to best meet your desires and needs: they will suggest you different types of hiking of medium and high difficulty within the Stelvio National Park, including the glaciological trail crossing the Forni glacier.

Discover the trails in the Stelvio Park

Many are the activities here available for families with kids: short walks at lower elevation to be enjoyed by both young and adult.

Giro del Confinale, TOUR

Discover the trail


The glaciological path: loop circuit with crossing the glacier (we recommend guiding the guide)

The paths of the Great War: there are numerous itineraries around the refuge

Approaching the Forni glacier – Ai Ponti Tibetani

Ice climbing and rock adjacent to the shelter

Artificial gym at S. Antonio Valfurva 30 minutes drive from the refuge

Hiking in the mountain discovering its secrets:

History, culture, traditions and folklore viewing the testimonies at the shelter

Visits to the mountain pastures of the valley

Mario Testorelli valley museum
S.Antonio Valfurva 30 minutes by car

Visitor Center Stelvio National Park
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Family excursions - Parco Stelvio - Alta Valtellina | Forni2000
Family excursions - Parco Stelvio - Alta Valtellina | Forni2000